TaroWorks™ is a suite of mobile data collection and analytical tools designed to put the data you need directly in your hands. Real-time, tailored for you, and totally comprehensive – data is the best route to greater impact.

Stop waiting weeks to see data

With TaroWorks, you can get field data in minutes. Use your time making decisions that matter, not doing data entry. You don’t need mobile or WiFi signal for this to work. Collect the data and sync it later if you want to. Work anywhere you want, no matter how remote.

Showing beats telling

Your colleagues, users and investors need to be able to see exactly how your strategy is working. Our integrated Salesforce.com dashboards deliver comprehensive reports to monitor your impact over time. Getting everybody on the same page will make your team unstoppable.

Go beyond data collection

Graduate beyond data collection to start managing your field staff’s activities. With TaroWorks, field officers can view personalized portfolios of clients, including case history – all offline. Collecting data is just the beginning.

Latest blog posts

5 Things to Consider When Shifting from Paper to Mobile Forms

Mobile data provides numerous benefits to organizations working in the last mile that go above and beyond what you can do with paper data collection. As your organization moves from paper data collection to mobile data collection, consider the points below to better ensure a smart, comprehensive and smooth transition – and to fully take […]

Sustainatopia Conference Recap: Transformative Tech and Impact Solutions

 Earlier this month, our CEO Emily Tucker was able to join over 1,000 innovators, thought leaders and pros from the world of sustainability and financial and social impact at Sustainatopia in San Francisco from May 1- May 4. Our participation at Sustainatopia was in large part due to the fantastic support we receive from Qualcomm […]

Taking “Transformation Through Innovation” From Vision to Reality

Later this month, the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. The summit is a “call to action” by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to create collective solutions to address the growing, global human suffering caused by conflict and natural disasters.WHS is focusing on a theme of transformation through innovation. In their […]

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